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11.02.2023   18.00

Never Ending Transience

NFM Wrocław,  Chamber Hall


Francesco Bottigliero – conductor
Christian Danowicz – violin
Marcin Misiak – cello
Alessandro Deljavan – piano
NFM Leopoldinum Orchestra


17.03.2023 godz. 19.00

Masterful Portraits

Filharmonic Concert Hall Stefan Strahl  Jelenia Góra


21-22.05.2022            Baltic Opera Gdańsk

Wehikuł Czasu
The Time Maschine


Francesco Bottigliero – conductor

Baltic Opera Gdańsk


wehikuł czasu.jpg


Filharmonia Krakowska
Sinfonic Concert


Francesco Bottigliero – conductor

Sinfonic Orchestra FK


Filharmonia Ktrakowska Bottigliero.jpg
24.09.2021 Filharmonia Łódzka 

Sinfonic Concert


Krzysztof Meisinger – guitar

Francesco Bottigliero – conductor

Sinfonic Orchestra of FŁ

06.09.2021 Tropea Italia

Serate Musicali 

Concert as part of The Serate Musicali di Milano Festival on September 6, 2021 at Palazzo Santa Chiara in Tropea.
Mozart, Piazzolla, Glazunov and Bottigliero in the repertoire.


Chamber Orchestra "Giuseppe Verdi"

Giovanni De Luca saxophone
Conductor Francesco Bottigliero

27.07.2021 NFM Wrocław

Cellos Meet Chopin

Francesco Bottigliero will conduct the world premiere of a new composition for four cellos and cello orchestra.

"Sentieri Interrotti" composed by Francesco Bottigliero commissioned by the Polish Cello Quartet, which was co-financed by by MKiDN (the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage) as part of the "Composing Commissions" program carried out by NIMiT (the National Institute of Music and Dance).

30.05.2021 Filharmonia Krakowska

Serata Italiana
Concert under the patronage of Italian
Institute of Culture in Krakow

During the concert "Serata Italiana" we would like to present you a few selected pearls of the enormous wealth of Italian music. The repertoire will also include F. Bottigliero's own compositions.


Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra

Francesco Bottigliero - conductor
Aleksandra Kubas-Kruk - soprano

19.03.2021 Filharmonia Krakowska

Niccolò Jommelli:
Missa pro defunctis (Requiem) 



Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir
Francesco Bottigliero - conductor
Magdalena Drozd - soprano
Anna Bober - alt
Dominik Czernik - tenor
Wojciech Tabiś - bass

Francesco Bottigliero ZAIKS.jpg
30.03.2019 DPT ZAiKS Konstancin

The winner of the ZAiKS competition
for an opera for children and teenagers

The 2nd Prize in the Opera Competition for children and teenagers (libretto and music) organized on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Zaiks Authors' Association together with the Teatr Wielki - Polish National Opera, the jury decided to award the piece "Time Machine" with a fantastic libretto by Justyna Skoczek and brilliant music composed by Francesco Bottigliero.


New CD Portraits

The latest album with own compositions by Francesco Bottigliero released by DUX is now on sale!

The music will take listeners to the magical world of art and painting. The pieces are inspired by the paintings of, among others Vincent Van Gogh.

Great performers: clarinetist Giovanni Punzi, Christian Danowicz - concertmaster of the Leopoldinum orchestra.

16.06.2019 Filharmonia Śląska w Katowicach

Opera Gala with Carmen Giannattasio

Carmen Giannattasio - the famous Italian singer will perform in front of the Silesian audience. The program includes the most beautiful arias, choirs and overtures from operas by G. Verdi, G. Puccini, P. Mascagni, and the Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra will be conducted by Francesco Bottigliero

25.10.2019 Zamość

Sinfonic Concert

On October 25, from the conductor's podium, Francesco Bottigliero will conduct a symphonic concert with the famous Sinfonic Orchestra by Karol Namysłowski.

koncert Bottigliero.jpg
06.12.2019 Raciborskie Centrum Kultury

14. International Festival G.G. Gorczycki

On December 6, we will feel the atmosphere of the magical Christmas time. That evening, Olga Bończyk and Andrzej Lampert will take us into the world of beautiful melodies and the most famous Polish Christmas carols. The Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra will be conducted by Francesco Bottigliero.

PLAKAT 13.04.20197.jpg
13.04.2019 Płock

17th International Festival of Płock Days of Choral Music

On April 13, 2019, I am honored to conduct the Płock Symphony Orchestra, Pueri et Puellae Cantoress Plocenses Choir and soloists during the concert of choral music as part of the 17th International Festival of Płock Days of Choral Music.

Francesco Bottigliero Sembrich M.png
03-04.11.2018 Nowy Jork

The International Vocal Competition Marcella Sembrich

On November 3-4, 2018, took place the International Vocal Competition of Marcella Sembrich in which I was honored to be a part of the jury.

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